February 17, 2011

Seattle, Washington

My visit to Seattle Washington
December 2010

Nick & Me @ Pikes Place Market

Nicole & Me @ Pikes Place Market

Nick & Me

Pike's Place Market

Fruit Stand

Fish Stand

Me @ Space Needle Christmas Tree

Nick & Nicole @ Space Needle Christmas Tree

The Space Needle

looking up @ The Space Needle

Seattle streets

February 16, 2011

Forks, Washington

My son knows I am a Twilight fan,
and took me to Forks, Washington
when I was there for a visit
last December.

Me in Forks!

Me by the truck Bella drove

Edward & Me
(note the look I am getting from Bella! LOL)

Me tagging Arizona

Nick & Me

Nicole & Me

Nick & Nicole

Nick & Nicole tagging Texas

Twilight Cast Members!

My Souvenir Tank Top

February 15, 2011

The First Starbucks Store

In December 2010,
I went to Washington to visit
my son, and I finally got
to go to the
First Starbucks Store!!

Me with First Starbucks Store plaque

Me inside the First Starbucks Store!!

Me outside the First Starbucks Store!!

Store front...

My son Nick and his fiance Nicole!

Inside the store

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Carnival Colors

These are some photo's I have taken of
all the fun colors and lights
of the Carnival!

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