February 24, 2010

California Screamin!!

California Screamin'

This is a roller coaster at Disney's
California Adventure Park!
It's located at Paradise Pier!
It opened February 8, 2001.
 It is also the only Disney outdoor looping
roller coaster in North America.

On the Loop De Loop!!
First pic has a hidden mickey!!  Second pic is a self pic goin round the loop!
Me on California Screamin!
Watch the video I took while riding this ride!!
When they say California Screamin...
I took them literally!!



California Screamin'
is the 6th longest
roller coaster in the world
(2nd longest steel coaster in the United States),
at 6,072 feet. This coaster is more uncommon
than most, as it uses Linear Induction Motors(LIMs),
to launch the train up the first hill,
replacing the traditional lift hill chain.
The seaside launch ramp also sports a wave-machine
 that allows waves to crash
alongside the rock base of the ramp
as well as crashing up onto the trains before launch.
This coaster is one of Disney's
fastest attractions, accelerating guests from
zero to 59 miles per hour in four seconds at the launch.

The Record Catch!!!!

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