February 13, 2010

Paint Swatch Cards

Okay...These are my Paint Swatch Card ATC's!!
Here's what I did.....
I was in Lowes looking for a paint color for our guest room, and as I was reading some of the names of the paint colors on the cards, I was thinking "That would be a fun theme for an ATC", then I said to myself...
"Self ~ cards of paper, free for the taking,
 hundreds of them, what a great series this would make!" 
So now everytime I go to Lowes, I grab up a few cards!!
I use the paint color name as my theme,
 use the color itself as the base color, and put the card or parts of it
(I always put at least the part of the color card
with the name & number of the paint on the card)
on each card.  So far this is what I have come up with....what do ya think??
I have traded some of these and a few are in my personal collection!
It's a fun idea, try it yourself!! I would like to see what others do with the paint cards!!

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