March 9, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

I went to see Alice In Wonderland at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood!
It was amazing!  I had so much fun, and got to see props from the movie!
There were even people dressed up as the characters!
Here I am with a few of them....
The Mad Hatter, The Red Queen & The Cheshire Cat
The Marquee outside the Theater!
Inside the Theater...the stage from the balcony!

  My seat is in the 1st pic
& me down by the edge of the
balcony in the 2nd pic!
Movie Props!!!
The Mad Hatter costume...worn by Johnny Depp

Other props used in the movie!!
The Tea Party
The Tea Party Window display!

The Goods!!!
I got the Alice in Wonderland book
from the white rabbit that was handing out
goodies in the audience in the theater!
The buckets had the popcorn in them!!
And of course the 3D glasses!

More pics of my costumed friends!!!   ♥ Them!!!
More pics of the theater and signs for the movie around town!
The bottom one with the El Capitan is the front of the theater, but it was impossible
to get a full shot of the theater, since they were setting up the red carpet right out front
for the academy awards!  The white tarps are covering the red carpet from the rain
we got on and off all weekend!
Me waiting to go in the theater!!!

I love the movie, and I can't wait to see it again!!
Tim Burton is a genious!!
Johnny Depp & Helena Bonham Carter were fantastic!!
I loved all the characters and the 3D version is fun!
I highly recommend it!!!


  1. Lucky you!!! I am going to see it on the 17th, can't wait!!! These pictures are awesome! Looks like you two had a really fun night!!

  2. Looks like a wicked fun time!! Wish we had stuff like that around these parts! I've got to move back around civilization!! Love the ALice cards too!


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