March 2, 2010

ZeTTi STyLe!!

Hello all you Zettiology Lovers!!
I made these for the
Collaged Zetti Geisha swap on AFA!
These are my first real zetti style cards,
and I loved the challenge!!
I have made cards before with a very
mild version of Zetti.....
So I thought I would go wild since it is a Zetti swap!!
I am pretty happy with the way they turned out!
I hope I captured the Zetti style,
as well as the theme of this swap!
It is definately addicting, and it's hard to stop
adding stuff to each card!!!! LOL!!! they are:

Well????  What do you think????
I would love to hear your opinion or any advise!!


  1. your zetti cards are fabulous.....i love all of them!! you have a wonderfully playful style and i love all of that juicy orange color!! thanks so much for visiting my blog....great to meet you!! :)))


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