April 23, 2010


Welcome to the fishbowl!!
I am really fond of these little guys...
I stepped out of my comfort zone
of collaging a found image 
and hand drew these fish!!
I am quite please with the out come!
The backgrounds were all done with alcohol inks,
stamps, inks and gel pens!

I made these for a swap on ATC's For All
I sure hope they go to good homes 
cause they are special to me!!

This is "Angelo" the Angel Fish!!
I wish I could say that I came up with this idea,
but I did see this image on the internet,  
and I decided to draw him myself!!
I used the original image as a visual,
and free hand drew him!
I used markers, sharpies, & gel pens to color him in!!
I did add the halo (not on the original)
once it he was placed on the card!

This is "Scarlet O' Herring"!!
Scarlet is colored bright red,
using markers, sharpies, and gel pens.
There are very faint red spots on her in this picture,
after I added her to the card
I added black dots on the spots & tail.
(see above finished card)
She is the plainest of the fish I drew,
but I just love the way she turned out!

This is "Korry" the Koi!!
Korry (along with Angelo) was the more
challenging of the four.
Koi's have lots going on with
different colors and pattens!
I used other koi images
 as visuals as I drew this,
then colored him with markers,
sharpies, and gel pens.
I love the way he turned out!
This is "Goldie" goldfish!!
I wanted to do a big happy goldfish
and I ended up with Goldie!
She is the same as the others,
hand drawn and colored in
using markes, sharpies and gel pens.
I think she is adorable....
its kinda Dr. Seuss-ish to me!!
"It's good to be gold!"

The outcome....
I think I will keep practicing my drawing! 
 I might get good one day!

Looking to trade or even buy some art????
I do have open edition prints available to trade
of these and other cards...it you are interested in a trade go to
to make me an offer!!
If you are interested in purchasing an ACEO print go to
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please email me, and I will gladly work on something for you!!!
Thank you for looking!! ♥

All artwork is the property of
Beth Harper & Red Heart Studio
and are not to be copied, printed or sold in any form without permission.
Thank you! © Red Heart Studio 2010


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  1. howdy (joss from afa) love your fishies, hope i get one of them in the swap. actually your work is all great. and i LOVE red. did you do the red poppiues swap? i bet you did, me too? great blog, love all the red. you go girl,


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