May 8, 2010


Blind Drawings
The fabulous AnnD introduced me to blind drawing
through a swap she hosting on 
Check it out here:
This is a fun and fabulous idea,
and everyone is having a great time with it!
Okay here's how it works...
You start by drawing a face with your eyes shut....
Cover them if you think you will cheat!!!
Then open your eyes and create something
from the face that you drew!!
Here are the cards I made for this swap!!
This idea really helped me stretch my artistic wings
since I am not a drawer normally!!
I just gave it a shot, and whalla! 
 I love the way they turned out.
I will be drawing alot more now...
I am better then I thought!!!
Without further ado....

Meet the DuMass's!
This is the DysFUNctional family
I made up for this swap!
They were a lot of fun to make!!
This is Nora....daughter of a strict military father!!
She knew she wasn't the prettiest girl
and that her dad really wanted a boy!!
She decided to get a nose job,
and went to see Dr. Picasso!!
End result: She hates her nose job!!
This is Nora's father, Major Dumass
(pronounced Du - Mass,
although his troops call him Major Dumb Ass!)
He is a strict military man who runs a tight ship!!
He secretly wished that Nora had been a boy!!!!
This is Karen, the not so faithful wife of Major Dumass
& step mother to Nora.
Being married to a military man left her feeling lonely,
so she got a big pair of boobies and went lookin for love.
She is a favorite past time for the troops!!
She loved men....
and none were exempt from her advances!!!
Her moto: A hard man is good to find!!
This is Adam...He is a coin operated boy,
and Nora's boy toy!!
Unlike Nora's step mother...
she can not get guys to notice her
let alone want to have sex with her!!
So she got Adam....her faithful boy toy!!
She turns him on and he comes to life...automatic joy!
Made of plastic and elastic,
he is rugged and long-lasting,
she will never leave her bedroom...
who could ever ever ask for more...
love without complications galore!!
She cant imagine any flesh and blood could be his match,
she can even take him in the bath!!


Check out my friends blog
to see her blind drawings too!!!
She did a fantastic job with hers!
(I hope I get one in the swap)

All artwork designs are the property of
Beth Harper & Red Heart Studio
and are not to be copied, printed or sold
in any form without permission.
Thank you! © Red Heart Studio 2010

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