May 1, 2010



This is a 8X10 mixed media canvas that I made!
I used acrylic paint, paper images, and the best part....
I used Glow In The Dark Paint on some of the circles
and around the moon edge!!!
Here is a picture (lousy pic I know) to show the glowing circles!!
This is an 8X10 art collage on canvas! Featuring a Crescent Moon with a bat hanging from it! And the circles glow in the dark! It is handmade by me!

The saying is "Does the moon possess strange powers...or is it all just lunacy?" I got it from the beginning part of a song!
This item will be for sale at my Etsy shop


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~Beth @ Red Heart Studio© 2010


All artwork designs are the property of
Beth Harper & Red Heart Studio
and are not to be copied, printed or sold in any form without permission.
Thank you! © Red Heart Studio 2010

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  1. The moon art is wonderful! Thank you for sharing, I love the saying as well. I do believe the moon has special powers over nature as well as "human nature". Great ideas!


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